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Simulating the Human Brain? Cool! But I'll believe it when I see it.

If there was a complete model of the human brain, imagine all we could learn. We could perform experimental surgical procedures, we could study the effects of new drugs, or do anything else that needs human testing but is too … Continue reading

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Massive parallelism? I'll have a plate. Functional programming? Give me a grande.

Imagine that you just bought a brand new Super McAwesome 500-core computer. Dommage-pour-toi, all your applications can only use one core at a time. Doh. Well, what if there was a language that increased its performance linearly with the number … Continue reading

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Make Tutorial: Part 1

Colleges will be back in session in a month or two. When I first started school, I was forced to use Unix for all CS classes, but given very little instruction in it. Very “sink-or-swim”. I actually still have a … Continue reading

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Can robots have ethics? Do Asimov’s laws work?

In his 1942 story “Runaround,” Isaac Asimov defined the Three Laws of Robotics to govern a robot’s behavior. The three laws are meant to give robots a way to safely interact with humans and to allow humans to control robots … Continue reading

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Sick of installing software over and over by hand? Then don't do it!

When releasing a new product, it’s a good idea to test it on all platforms and configurations your product supports. Obviously, right? Well, not everyone does this. While it’s important to try your product on every¬† configuration, it’s also tedious … Continue reading

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Then I found $5… And got Smart Bear Code Reviewer!

This week, Smart Bear software ran a special sale of their Code Reviewer tool: 5 licenses for $5. Since licenses are usually $289 a person, I figured this was a pretty good deal. Code Reviewer is a lighter version of … Continue reading

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Charging into the Blogosphere

Being as this is my first post, I’ll introduce myself to you. I’m Sam Kerr. I’m currently a student studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. Because of this, most of my blog entries will more than likely … Continue reading

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