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I've passed under the Linux Arch!

Last time, I wrote about how I was working on installing Linux on my computer. The main question with any Linux install though is, what distro do I use? I’ve used many different distros before, such as the popular Ubuntu, … Continue reading

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Back to school!

Dear Readers, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t maintained my previous post frequency. My apologies, but this is because school has started, so I have now have classes and homework. Boo, right? While my posts will most likely occur … Continue reading

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Could it be? The TI-83+ public key cracked?!

I was perusing reddit and came upon a posting that claimed to have cracked the TI-83+ calculator’s public key. This allows anyone to write and “sign” their own code so that the calculator thinks that it is legitimate code from … Continue reading

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I've got my head (and data) in the clouds!

I’m about to move into a new apartment in a few days and have noticed how much computer related crap I have to move. I’ve got my computer, a NAS, a few external hard drives, routers, CDs, and about a … Continue reading

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Time to Organize the Book Collection!

I consider my book collection to be pretty large. I make genuine efforts to read through all my books, but by the time I finish one book, I’ve bought two more. While I like curling up with just one book … Continue reading

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I'd use Linux, but it doesn't have the applications I want…

The biggest complaint I hear about Linux is that people can’t find applications that they need to be productive. Well, if you know where to look, you can find a replacement for nearly every Windows application out there. To make … Continue reading

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I’m So Sick of Testing and Sorting Through Logs by Hand

Software testing is a very important part of releasing any product. After all, no one wants a big buggy product. (Especially when it can ruin your whole mission.) On the other hand though, testing software is boring. I’d much rather … Continue reading

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Make Tutorial: Part 2

Colleges will be back in session in a month or two. When I first started school, I was forced to use Unix for all CS classes, but given very little instruction in it. Very “sink-or-swim”. I actually still have a … Continue reading

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Who would have thought Sublime Text was so, well, sublime!

A few days ago, I wrote about my Quest for the Perfect Editor. Well, the quest is over, with Sublime Text being a clear winner. I’ve used it as my main editor these past few days to give it a … Continue reading

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Web-host downtime makes me angry

As a few of you know, my Purdue website went down the other day. If you wanted to view the example files from my other blog post, that was just too bad. This post will mostly just be a rant … Continue reading

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