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I'm an eclectic person. I like to dabble in a multitude of things. I'm sure you'll find my blog reflects that.

Unix wc clone in Node.js

I have been trying to learn NodeJS a bit lately. I have found a good exercise to learn new language is to re-implement UNIX utilities. I decided to try to re-implement ‘wc’, which counts the number of words, characters, and … Continue reading

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New Theme!

Apparently the last time WordPress updated itself, something changed. I noticed I was unable to login to the admin page, but the normal blog worked fine. I tried a bunch of different fixes I found online, but the problem was … Continue reading

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Converting Montgomery Elliptic Curves to Weierstrass Form

Recently I needed to convert a Montgomery form elliptic curve (Curve25519) to Weierstrass form. This post captures some of that work and code for arbitrary Montgomery form curves as well. I am going to do a lot of math hand … Continue reading

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A basic WPF updating DataGrid Example

I was pulling my hair out somewhat, trying to create a DataGrid in WPF, rather than using Winforms. Hopefully, posting my results here can help someone in the future. Leave a comment if they do!

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PE & Coff Document Typos Are Quiet Irritating

Just a quick post to remind myself of this in the future (and hopefully help others!) Anyways, I’m working on writing a PE parser module. Part of this is listing the relative virtual addresses (RVA) of exported symbols. To figure … Continue reading

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Matlab Reverb and Image Smoothing Functions

Recently, I enrolled in a class on Digital Signals and Systems. One of our first homework assignments was to implement a reverb filter and image smoother in Matlab. I’m not a Matlab expert, but I thought someone else might like … Continue reading

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If you’re only using Github, you’re doing Git wrong.

Background The other day, I read the following article. If you don’t want to read it, you really should. It’s awesome. Essentially, a student managed to get access to all of India’s standardized test scores and who they belonged to. … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about anti virus detection: Kaspersky DNS cache detection

I’ve been playing around with some basic HTTP programs lately and noticed that Kaspersky flags them as viruses for some reason. I did some investigation and learned why and how to get around those detections.

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Configuring the analog to digital converter (ADC) on AVR chips

While trying to figure out how to use the ADC on my AVR microcontrollers (not Arduino, raw AVRs!), I kept finding a variety of tutorials with examples that just didn’t work for me. I eventually got it working, so thought … Continue reading

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A couple of different ways to get EXE name from PID in Windows

I’ll preface this post with the fact that it will be fairly technical. I have been trying to write a Windows program which can get the EXE path of a specified process ID (PID). I found a couple different ways, … Continue reading

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