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I'm an eclectic person. I like to dabble in a multitude of things. I'm sure you'll find my blog reflects that.

Standing under an Arch Sounds like a headache…

Read on for a tale of my initial frustration, ever incresaing despair, and eventual victory in this tale of my configuration of audio devices in a Windows 7 VM guest on top of an Arch Linux host.

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A quick tip for the Couch (CouchDB that is)

I have been playing around with CouchDB lately as a new tecnology. It is a NoSQL database that stores everything as a ‘document’, rather than as a row like a traditional relationship based database, such as MySQL. What is also … Continue reading

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Can’t find the constant you’re looking for? Check!

Sometimes I read MSDN entries and wonder what the numeric value of a constant, such as GENERIC_READ, is. However, MSDN usually does not list this information, so I am forced to dive into header files. Well, I got quite sick … Continue reading

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Homemade MIDI Controller!

Since I have been home over winter break, I felt like doing a little bit of fun hacking. As a few of my posts have shown, I am fairly interested in hardware oriented projects, so I thought I would try … Continue reading

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Disk Images! Or, the quickest way to get a headache on a Mac!

Lately, I have been doing work with the Pistachio L4 microkernel as part of my research. This requires building various disk images, installing GRUB, and running them inside of a virtual machine. Initially, I was using Linux to do this, … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering the Master Boot Record

One day, I was curious about how the computer system goes from booting to actually loading up an operating system. Obviously, it must retrieve the operating system from disk at some point, so I decided to investigate this. The first … Continue reading

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PEAR, my first publication!

During my time at school, I participate in research. I have been doing this since freshman year, and have been co-author on a few papers, but have never been lead author. Well, that is now changing.

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One architecture to rule them all… Or at least rule my free time

I’m a pretty lazy person. I like to put things off, drag my feet, and make plans that I know will never come true. Perfect example, Fall 2008 I took a digital systems course where we designed a very basic … Continue reading

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Ever want to build your own computer?

I find hardware and electronics pretty interesting. So when I was looking around on the internet and saw a link to a home built CPU, I just had to click! A fellow named Jim has made a complete CPU, called … Continue reading

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Websites, Propellers, and Sweet Music!

Well, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the new layout and domain name for my blog. Over winter break, I decided it was silly to have both a blog site and a school website. So, I purchased this domain ( was … Continue reading

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