Can’t find the constant you’re looking for? Check!

Sometimes I read MSDN entries and wonder what the numeric value of a constant, such as GENERIC_READ, is. However, MSDN usually does not list this information, so I am forced to dive into header files.

Fatigued Rhino

He is so sick of looking up constants by hand

Well, I got quite sick of doing this, so I whipped up a few Python scripts and made a database of a lot of the Windows constants.

I do not claim that 100% of them are there, but on the initial import, I found over 100,000, so there are quite a few! In the future, I will be adding POSIX and other constants, as well as some of the Windows constants I missed. Parsing all the headers was a pretty interesting task, so I might publish another entry on it here in the future.

I thought this database might be helpful to others, so I am publicly publishing it at

Enjoy 🙂

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