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PEAR, my first publication!

During my time at school, I participate in research. I have been doing this since freshman year, and have been co-author on a few papers, but have never been lead author. Well, that is now changing.

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Ever want to build your own computer?

I find hardware and electronics pretty interesting. So when I was looking around on the internet and saw a link to a home built CPU, I just had to click! A fellow named Jim has made a complete CPU, called … Continue reading

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PUFs are just so cuddly!

As I wrote a few entries ago, I have been using FPGAs this semester in my research group. Since it’s the end of the semester and the paper has been submitted, I thought I would talk to you about my … Continue reading

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First steps with an FPGA!

For my research group at Purdue, we’ve decided we want to do some work with FPGA (or Field Programmable Gate Arrays). These are essentially chips that you can use to program very complex, very fast circuits. They are superior to … Continue reading

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