Charging into the Blogosphere

Being as this is my first post, I’ll introduce myself to you.

I’m Sam Kerr.

I’m currently a student studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. Because of this, most of my blog entries will more than likely be technical in nature. I tend to become enamored with a different technology frequently, so I can’t commit to always posting about the same thing. However, I do greatly enjoy hardware, embedded, and systems level work, so I will probably write about that a lot.

I’m a big fan of Open Source software, especially on the Unix and Linux platform. I appreciate what GNU has done with their General Public License, but I don’t agree with their ideology on all levels. I’ll expand on this in a later blog post, since it’s more than just a passing thought.

Other than computers, I have a few hobbies as well. I find it entertaining, while at the same time maddening, to watch the stock market. I might post thoughts on this occasionally, but we’ll see. I also enjoy a good book. Typically, I read historical fiction of some sort. My favorite period is around the 1800’s. As I find good books, I’ll let you know!

Je parle un peu de français, mais je ne l’étudie pas maintenant. For those who don’t speak French, I just told you that I speak a little French, but I’m not studying it right now. (Please excuse any errors in my French.) I took it for 6 years in high school and junior high and  a year in college, but I stopped due to scheduling issues. I’d really love to see France, especially Paris one day.

I enjoy playing tennis and exercising; it really is a nice way to relax after sitting at a desk for 8 hours or after taking a 3 hour long midterm exam.

I do have a serious vice though. It is the Starbucks Grande Java Chip Frappuchino (no whipped cream please!). It’s to the point where I’m known by name. At three different locations… Oh well, we all have our flaws don’t we?

I like to read other people’s blogs for interesting short thoughts (rants) and well thought out essays (rambles). I hope to provide both on my blog.

Vicious Rhino

I’m excited to see where this blog take me! I’m sure it will help to make me a better writer as well as require me to answer some questions I haven’t thought of before. Leave me a comment sometime. If you like what I have to say, I’d like to know that! If you don’t like what I’m saying though, I’d also like to know that! It will help keep me in check.

I’m a big fan of alliteration and rhinos as well, so that’s where the name of my blog comes from. If you read the whole entry, here’s a special treat for you. A charging rhino!

About samkerr

I'm an eclectic person. I like to dabble in a multitude of things. I'm sure you'll find my blog reflects that.
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