Rather than continuing to edit this page, I have started storing my .vimrc file and vim plugins at

I really like the Vim editor and this page is a collection of some of the neat stuff I have found.

.vimrc additions

  • syntax enable

    Syntax highlighting

  • set number

    Line numbers

  • set autoindent

    Indentation improvements

  • set background=(light/dark)

    Improves coloring of text. Set based on terminal



Adds a taglist to the side of supported file types. Requires ctypes.



Does syntax checking for supported filetypes. Requires pathogen.


Useful Features


Use :tabe, :tabn, :tabp to create and move between tabs in vim. Consider mapping these shortcuts to function keys for improved productivity.

Window Splitting

Use :sp and :vsp to split the window into multiple buffers. Navigate with ctrl+[hjkl]

Can also split horizontall and vertically with ctrl+w,[sv], respectively.

Use ctrl+w,w to switch among open buffers.

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