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Hello! I'm Sam. I am a customer-obsessed product leader, cryptopgraphy and reverse engineering practioner, and finance data nerd. I've released multiple award winning products and solved challening problems in my career that I'd love to tell you more about.
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About Me
My story

I learned to code when I was little when my dad gave me his old work laptop. I taught myself QBasic on that thing and loved coding ever since. I can code over a dozen programming languages and am in the top 0.36% of Stack Overflow users (really.)

Products, especially software products, have always interested me. It is not enough to build something cool, but it must be something that solves a problem a user has that can be delivered to them at the right time and in the right way. I have been in the field of Product Management for most of my career, building digital products to do just that. I have taken multiple products from initial concept to successful launch.

I was born in Cincinnati, OH and live here now with my wife and two children. As a Cincinnati native, I am addicted to our local chili. Highly recommend you try it if you've never had it before!

  • Address: Cincinnati, OH, USA
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What I Do
Product Management

I have brought multiple award-winning products to market in my career. I have also integrated multiple acquired companies into an existing company's product portfolio. I am passionate about identifying opportunities for products that solve user needs while ensuring successful business outcomes.

Enterprise Software

All businesses will become software businesses and need the tooling to support that. My career has given me experience in the ideation, development, and successful launches of enterprise software products. I enjoy the personas involved and the challenges in scaling a good idea to something enterprises can depend on.

Product Consulting

Helping others uncover customer needs, develop innovative solutions, and establish mature product processes is an area I provide value in. I am especially interested in working with small, early-stage companies as they work through these areas.


Investing is about understanding how the world works and identifying opportunities to put capital towards those areas that benefit society and shareholders. I focus on public markets as well as some private investments.

Open Source

Building on the shoulders of giants helps us get closer to the stars. I'm proud to have advocated for open source software in my professional career. Open source helped me advance my career and skills when I was learning and I'm looking for opportunities to contribute back to meaningful projects.


One of my passions is gaming, whether it is sports, video, board, or card games. Games are a fun way to solve problems with a team or test your skills against an opponent. One of my favorite games is Go, which I have played since I was a teenager.

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